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    Taking a Step and Extending a Life

    Let's face it... cancer is scary, especially when it affects our four legged friends. They can't always tell us what is wrong or how they feel. Each year cancer affects more pets than any other disease; a diagnosis of cancer can be overwhelming for any pet parent. If you follow us on Facebook, by now you know that we are taking a step towards fighting pet cancer by joining the Morris Animal Foundation's "Unite to Fight Pet Cancer Virtual Walk" and you can, too!

    The Morris Animal Foundation is committed to finding better preventions, diagnostic tools, treatments, and hopefully a cure for pet cancer. They have invested over $92 million dollars in over 2,300 research studies to advance veterinary medicine. Through over 200 canine cancer studies the Morris Animal Foundation has found effective treatments for some types of cancers and has even identified the genetic causes of lymphoma in canines. 

    But we still have a long way to go...

    This is Brody, last year he lost his battle with lymphatic colon cancer. He is the inspiration for our team and the reason why we are taking steps to help the Morris Animal Foundation fight pet cancer. He is one of too many dogs that are taken from us too early, but it is memory and his legacy that reminds us there is hope. "For the Love of Brody" is why we walk, and it would only be fitting that our team name have the same name.

    Please take the time to read about Brody on his Facebook Page, For the Love of Brody, and learn more about the Morris Animal Foundation on their webpage.

    Most importantly please consider joining our team as we unite to fight pet cancer in a virtual walk on June 28th at Gulf Place. Even if you can't join us you can still help by making a donation to our team and helping us reach our goal. Visit the team fundraising page by clicking above, or support my personal page by clicking to the left, all donations will go to the Morris Animal Foundation in support of pet cancer research. 

    And remember, we walk because:

    • Morris Animal Foundation has 40 active pet cancer studies receiving nearly $6 million in funding.
    • In 2014 alone, their scientific advisory board approved 10 new pet cancer studies, totaling nearly $1 million in funding.
    • They currently are studying 10 different types of cancer in dogs and 4 different types in cats, including lymphoma, osteosarcoma, hemangiosarcoma and melanoma.
    • With your help, the Morris Animal Foundation is learning more and doing more every year to help our pets enjoy healthier, longer lives.